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UTI's Business

Identify, Understand, & Resolve Business Problems

To help you get just the right amount of assistance that you need, we offer three distinct approachs:


For those of you that want to learn at your own pace, we offer a variety of books, CDs, guides, and other materials on integrity, leadership, focus, and other skills.


We offer a variety of seminars that will help you learn these new skills and techniques easily and quickly in a group setting.


As business problem solving experts we're just the tool you need to solve problems correctly and quickly when time is of the essense. More...

Looking at the world from a different perspective

Welcome to the world of Uncommon Technology.

A place where reality is only a dream away.

Now available!

Integrity's Impact (shown below) is the first product for our new publishing group.

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This deluxe hardcover edition is your practical guide to integrity's power, benefits & use in business.

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