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Senior Crypto Trader

Remote - Beverly Hills, CA, USA

Salary: $150k - $350k


We are seeking a Senior Crypto Trader to oversee and manage a portion of our portfolio

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We welcome those with a specialty in a specific asset class of digital assets - ie., small cap, dex trading, DeFi, large cap, etc.

Please apply if you have a proven track record of consistently producing market-shattering returns on your digital asset portfolio. We are not picky about any credentials other than your history of successfully trading crypto and your knowledge of the industry.

In addition to salary, this position comes with opportunities for significant bonuses and equity consideration.

To Apply:


Please submit your resume and a brief description within the body of an email to of why we would be lucky to have you.

Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Let's Do Something Uncommon!

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